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Open only to 200 people, this brand new offering allows you to experience the same 21 Day groundbreaking program Phil uses with his personal clients, the program that helped 48 people in a research study find renewed youth. Regardless of your present physical condition, if you're willing to make simple changes in the way you eat and the way you move, get Phil as your coach. Be Better University (Better U.) is Phil's newest project allowing him to personally counsel 200 people ready for dramatic physical change.

Here's What You'll Get

  • The complete text to Phil's 21 Day Journey
  • Exercise Illustrations and Instructions
  • Weekly Teleconference with Phil, Live
  • Audio Recordings of all Teleconferences
  • Weekly Follow-Up Live With Phil
  • Group Support and Interaction
  • A Thrilling Outcome

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Better University (Better U. for a Better You)

Here's your chance, for the first time ever, to go through the same program that Phil Kaplan employs to help people reclaim their lives, regain their health, and turn back the clock.

Are you ready to get better . . . and younger?!?!?!

Phil Kaplan has been a leader and a fitness pioneer, and with the new evidence he's provided to support the power of strategic exercise and supportive eating, he's opened the door to a new level of fitness for a population in desperate need.

Wherever you live, you can now have Phil as your personal coach and gain control of your body, metabolism, your health, and your life!

In 2008, Phil Kaplan began an ambitious project he believes will lay the foundational groundwork in restoring our population to a new health awareness. He openly challenged the existing medical system, the commercial diet industry, and the pharmaceutical companies with a 48-person groundbreaking research study. The astounding results of that study served as the predecessor to Better U.

"For 25 years I've been working with people personally to help them find greater quality of life. In that time period, I've been privileged to work with everyone from dis-ease victims to medical professionals, from athletes to the aging, from the deconditioned to the exceptional. Here's what I've proven beyond all doubt. Everyone free of severe systemic medical illness can get better, and with an outlook of ongoing betterment, excellence is a worthwhile pursuit."

Fed up with the fraudulent offerings of commercial ventures and pharmaceutical releases, Kaplan issued a bold challenge on his Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour radio show. He invited people who had been frustrated by medical treatments, weight loss prescriptions, and commercial diet centers to experiment with his simple 21 day appraoch to betterment. 48 people were accepted into the study. Most had failed with diet programs and/or weight loss drugs, most of had at least one medical condition for which they were being medicated, and diagnoses of hypothryroidism and blood sugar irregularities were common among the group. The 48 individuals were brought through a 21-day program of sensible nutrition and strategic exercise and every person showed metabolic improvement, fat loss, energy increase, and enhanced outlook and well-being. Using the patented Polar Body Age system of assessment, integrating medical and fitness markers, the average age reduction was 4 - 7 years . . . in 21 days!

After appearing on several TV and radio shows throughout the U.S. sharing the keys to physical betterment, the demand became apparent. Better U. was initiated to bring the solution affordably to people worldwide.

"With my 17 day Answer program and my renowned TRANSFORM, I've brought new fitness to tens of thousands, but Better U brings an entirely new dynamic to the next chapter. With teleconference and internet capabilities having grown so far-reaching, I can now connect with my customers and clients live and guide and monitor their results in real time. Without any geographic boundaries I can now personalize the relationships. I can provide that all-important element that serves as a key factor in adherence and lasting change. I can now provide ongoing support and interaction, and regardless of location, I can provide a consistent sense of clarity."

In March of 2009 Phil will be treating only 6 new clients per month in his soon-to-be-opened Palm Beach institute, but his primary intention in releasing Better U. is to connect with 200 people with desire and need without geography being a limiting factor.

Better U. will offer personal contact with Phil in a group setting (via web and teleconference), much as he conducts his 21 day groups live in South Florida. A personal consultation with Phil runs upwards of $350 and his Palm Beach institute will offer a comprehensive package with a $2400 enrollment fee. Better U. offers the complete 21 day program and ongoing support for only $149 and $37.50 per month without any obligation.

If you opt to be one of the participants in Better U., Phil's arranged for you to receive all of the 21 Day program materials including exercise illustrations and the complete 21 day journey text.

New groups will begin monthly. Upon registration you'll receive your materials and start date. Each Monday evening for three weeks you may participate in a live 90 minute teleconference where Phil will personally guide, direct, and coach the group through the intricacies of the program (if you can't make the call live, you'll gain access to the download).

Your only additional investments will be a pair of dumbbells, a medicine ball, a stability ball, and some elastic tubing which, if you don't already have, you can purchase in any sporting goods store for under $75.


A Weekly Dose of Betterment

ANNOUNCEMENT: Phil Kaplan will conduct his one-hour weekly "show" ONLY for Better U.

Here's a unique benefit to Better U. If you opt to remain active after the 21 days, you'll gain special access to Phil live on a weekly basis.

For the last 15 years, Phil has hosted the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour radio show. He will now replace the show with a weekly audio coaching program ONLY for those enrolled in Better U. In other words, his radio show will now be conducted for an elite group of people around the country, a group who have experienced positive change through the 21 Day program.

During the live weekly presentations Phil will introduce special guests, offer new insights, and answer your questions live.

"The radio show has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as it's allowed me to communicate with people from every walk of live, but as I begin this new project, I want to remain 100% dedicated to those who enroll in Better U. The no-nonsense hard-hitting reality I shared on the show will now be directed solely toward my Better U. audience. Perhaps I'll return to the air waves with a different format in the future, but by offering the weekly hour without any bias or restriction imposed by sponsors or advertisers I can stay highly connected to all participants."

The initial program is $149 (normally $499 in live groups without any ongoing support), and the monthly membership following the program will be only $37.50 per month (typically a 50-minute consult with Phil is $350). There isn't any obligation and you can cancel at any time.

There's More . . .

You'll also gain access to private discussion email groups. You'll be able to connect and communicate with others like you, sharing experiences, overcoming challenges, and proving to each other that excellence is the result of continuous small steps. The Better U. participants will have access to one general group where they'll discuss the program itself, motivation, adherence, food, etc., and four specaility subgroups for anyone who may have specific interests / issues.

  • Moms
  • Blood Sugar / Blood Pressure
  • Moving Better
  • Losing Fat

These groups will all be monitored by Phil and he'll call upon some of his unqiue resources to answer pressing questions.


As a particpant in Better U., if you have special needs or desire one-on-one consults, you'll have the following options:

$75 email consult 4x per year

$150 phone consults up to 1 per month

If there is a trainer in your area - personal reference from Phil

Take the next step.

You can register now, and within 24 hours you'll receive all of your 21 day program materials, or, if you're uncertain, you can submit a quesiton form to Phil with your most pressing concern. He'll respond with an assessment as to whether or not Better U. is your best option, and if another of his programs might prove a better option, he'll send you a response indicating his advice.

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