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Open only to 200 people, this brand new offering allows you to experience the same 21 Day groundbreaking program Phil uses with his personal clients, the program that helped 48 people in a research study find renewed youth. Regardless of your present physical condition, if you're willing to make simple changes in the way you eat and the way you move, get Phil as your coach.

Be Better University (Better U.) is Phil's newest project allowing him to personally counsel 200 people ready for dramatic physical change.

Better U. uses teleconferences and web-based transmission to deliver the same information previously reserved only for individuals able to attend Phil Kaplan's small group workshops in South Florida. It is for individuals of any age, gender, and physical condition seeking physical betterment. Individuals falling into higher risk categories will be asked to obtain medical clearance prior to beginning.





A New Resource For a Better You

Complete the form below and let's get you started on a process of ongoing betterment. There is no greater thrill for me than knowing I've had a positive impact upon someone's life, and through Better U. I anticipate finding that genuine sense of reward at an entirely new level. It's thrilling to know that this proven strategy, the strategy I've used to help people find new vitality, rid their bodies of excess fat, and reverse many of the symptoms we've come to associate with aging, can be a catalyst for people I might never have had the opportunity to meet.

I welcome you to Better U., and I look forward to . . . A Better You!
Complete and submit the form below.

Sign me up! I'm ready to follow Phil's lead and experience the 21 Day Journey to Excellence. I am enrolling in Better University (Better U.) with the intention of finding positive physical change. I understand that I will receive direction related to shifts in exercise and eating and I will follow the program, per Phil's guidance, on my own. I understand and agree that the program is $149 and I will be billed $37.50 per month beginning in the month following the conclusion of the 21 days. This will give me access to live audio broadcasts and online discussion groups as long as I remain active. I can cancel without penalty at any time.


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I have authorized this transaction for $149 to enroll in Better U and to receive the entire 21 Day Journey to Excellence Program and further authorize monthly recurring billing in the amount of $37.50 per month beginning the month following the completion of my 21 days until such time that I submit a request to cancel. I'm indicating my authorization by putting my initials in the following box:
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