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The Secrets Released

First Time Ever: The NAVAQA System of Influence

The Foundation of Masterful Influence for Fitness Professionals

Fitness Professionals, ranging from Personal Trainers to Group Exercise Leaders, are finding their place in the realm of allied health, but the average income of a competent fitness pro is far below that of professionals in other fields. The state of the industry is such that personal trainers have accepted this as the overriding paradigm and they find justification in working to pursue their "passion" rather than prosperity.

That will all change for any fitness professional with the powerful mind-blowing Commanding Yes!

Until now, fitness pros have had few resources for understanding business strategies, and more importantly, in understanding the balance between value and compensation.

In plain English, they just aren't paid what they're worth . . .

unless . . .

. . . they come to understand human influence;

. . . unless they come to understand how to guide people to make decisions and how to steer the path toward commitment.

In this explosive book, sharing details and strategies of a system Phil Kaplan has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for from his private consulting clients over the past decade, you'll learn incredible methods of emotional persuasion, stunning revelations of the power of guidance, and a complete upheaval of your beliefs related to selling.

Commanding Yes shares science. This isn't double talk. This isn't scripted role playing. This isn't selling. This is influence at its core.

Phil Kaplan has been in the trenches as a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years, and he tells the story of the day he was "moved into sales" while working for a major health club chain. He walked out, quit his first day, and that fateful incident led him to explore human influence, to strategize and implement a system of persuasion that is ethical, powerful, and rewarding. As he spent years developing and refining his NAVAQA system of influence, he has been called upon to speak in front of audiences of all sizes and has been contracted to write reference pieces, books, and hundreds of articles related to persuasion and human influence.

Kaplan's understanding of the mind and human nature translates to a method of flawlessly getting others to say "yes" to fitness offerings that serve in their best interest. Now you can master those skills, even if you hate to sell. Students of NAVAQA have moved from financial struggle to prosperity, and if you seek a lucrative and lasting fitness career, the NAVAQA system revealed in this new book, Commanding Yes, will become your treasured secret weapon.

You'll learn:

  • How to turn "no into maybe," and "maybe into yes" without ever feeling as if you're selling
  • How to turn even the most stubborn prospective clients into compelled new fans
  • How to alleviate apprehension and prompt commitment while maintaining effortless rapport
  • What three elements of "mindset" can be shaped and altered in moments to change beliefs and ultimately change outcomes
  • How to build a stable of clients, an arsenal of evidence, and a career that brings security and thrilling reward.
  • How to use your innate passion as an influence tool without ever crossing the lines of morality.
"Plain and simple, Phil Kaplan is the master of fitness influence and the single best resource for the field of personal training" - Joe Weider

Phil Kaplan is the author of TRANSFORM: The Fitness Masterpiece, Personal Training Profits and a Secure Fitness Future, Change Your Mind: Change the World, and EAT! Supportive Nutrition for the Body You Love. He has appeared on over 1,000 TV and radio shows sharing the fitness truth, has presented for hundreds of industry events including IHRSA, Club Industry, and IDEA, has contributed chapters to mainstream texts, and has long been revered as "the best kept secret" of some of the fitness industry's leaders and icons. This is the first time he's released his "secrets" related to human influence.

Master NAVAQA and give yourself an almost unfair advantage and lock-in your future income, knowing you can really earn a living following your fitness passion.

Order your copy now!


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