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If a dream is simply an outcome that hasn't happened yet,
Destination Radio shortens the distance
to "the dream come true."

- Phil Kaplan

Listen Live to Destination: Fitness Saturdays at 9 AM, EST

About Destination Radio

In 1994 Phil Kaplan attempted to call in a radio show to dispute information being disseminated by a self-proclaimed nutrition expert. The call screener refused to put the call through and 30 minutes later Phil sat in Bob Morency's office at the studio of WNN discussing hosting an "honest" radio show. Phil promised to deliver The Fitness Truth, and the following Saturday the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour was born.

In 1996 Clear Channel invited Phil to join their team and The Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour became a South Florida mainstay on Miami's #1 AM station, WIOD. The show received critical acclaim and scores of awards as it became the trusted resource for health, fitness, and self-improvement. Over 200 guests have appeared on the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour ranging from professional athletes to research scientists, from biochemists to physicians, from bodybuilders to motivators, from ordinary people seeking excellence to superstars wanting to share some rare honesty.

In 2007 Phil took a hiatus from the show to spend time with his then 3-year old daughter, and the "when is the show coming back" questions and emails poured in. In 2009 Destination Radio was born. As an independent network, Destination Radio will broadcast fitness and self-improvement talk 24/7. It will be available worldwide on the internet, will feature select programs braodcast on terrestrial radio in cities throughout the U.S., and will feature live and recorded programming allowing for live guests, live phone calls, and limitless empowerment without any restriction.

Destination Radio's Premier Show is the newest evolution of what was once The Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour, Destination: Fitness. You can listen live at 9 AM Eastern Time or tune in at any time to hear previous broadcasts.

You can also listen to older broadcasts of the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour in the Archives, every show holding as much value today as it had when it was first broadcast.

Send guest ideas, discussion topics, and feedback and comments to phil@philkaplan.com


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