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Already Acclaimed as "The Personal Training Bible of the 21st Century!

A Trainer Without A Copy of "Profits" is 
Walking Through This Industry Blindfolded!

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Learn The Empowering Body Transformation Secrets Phil's Used to Maintain his Unmatched Success Rate

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The Greatest Personal Training Opportunity of All Time!  

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The Following Brand New Courses Have Been Conducted As Live Seminars For Privileged Groups of Fitness Professionals. 

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At Home!

Each package contains a 72 minute audio CD, an overview guidebook,
and a Special Edition back issue of Phil's Health & Wealth Newsletter
revised and updated to complement the program.

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Course #101.    The Health Club Power Link - Combining Service and Sales For Explosive Profit ($69)

This teaches club owners to appreciate and integrate the value of personal trainers.  Not only is it ideal for the owner of any facility that has or wants to incorporate a Personal Training component, but it's invaluable for the Health Club employed or contracted trainer.  The increases brought about by the methodologies in this course can increase profitability more than 300%!

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or Order Direct On-Line Right Now!

Course #102.    The 7 Crippling Mistakes Trainers Make - And How To Turn Them Around in 7 Days! ($69)

This course has been conducted in several forums for elite groups of trainers documenting how Phil's consulting helped a trainer turn a failing business into a literal goldmine within 7 days.  You'll find that many of the most common mistakes are rarely recognized as mistakes, yet eliminating them can pave the way for ever-growing profits and professionalism.

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or Order Direct On-Line Right Now!

Course #103.    Zero to Sixty . . . Thousand That Is! In 6 Weeks! The Success Secrets That Can Turn Any Training Business into A Lucrative Career ($69)

In this program Phil outlines, step by step, how he conducted an experiment, personally starting at zero and applying those marketing ideas he teaches in his private consulting projects to increase Personal Training income from zero to a projected annual income of near $60,000 within a month.  The marketing concepts he covers can be applied by any trainer and the potential outcome is 100% proven.

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or Order Direct On-Line Right Now!

Course #104.    Influence and Profit - The NAVAQA System and the Inside Opportunities Hidden Within The Fitness Field (2 CDs - $129)

This program actually sold thousands of copies as Phil Kaplan's Profit 2000 program and the power it offers trainers is staggering.  Phil's NAVAQA system is one of the most coveted systems of persuasion in any industry, yet it was formulated strictly upon the ideals of health and fitness.  This course teaches trainers to take responsibility for influencing prospects, to win over virtually anybody, and to overcome the obstacles trainers face in "selling" new clients.  The program was updated and this new version wasn't released until 2001.  A second CD teaches trainer to capitalize on opportunities rarely recognized yet offering massive potential for career growth and financial gain.

Call 1 800 552-1998
or Order Direct On-Line Right Now!

Course #105.    Getting Inside People's Heads - TRANSFORMING from the inside out! ($69)

If there's one power that can raise trainer's client retention . . . and client satisfaction, it's the power to understand what your clients REALLY think.  Phil wrote the Mental Conditioning Bible, translated for release in Japan, after throwing himself headfirst into studying human reaction and response.  This program covers the most valuable concepts of facilitating positive response, emotionally and physically, and summoning up instantaneous motivation in any situation.  You'll be amazed how instrumental the mind is in dictating physical outcome . . . and you'll be stunned by your power to get in touch with that elusive entity . . . the Mind.

Course #106.    Instant Expert - Positioning Yourself to Command Respect as An Authority ($69)

Phil's written highly acclaimed articles on the concept of positioning, using marketing strategies to elevate yourself to a level of Professionalism.  Learn how major companies in other fields cornered the #1 Position, and how, but learning a new marketing mindset, you can skyrocket yourself to be viewed as an in-demand authority boosting your value sky high!

Course #107.    How To Command Fees in Line With Legal and Medical Professionals ($69)

While trainers like to be referred to as "Professionals," the public fails to put them in the same lights as Medical and Legal Professionals.  Learn how some powerful marketing strategies can gain you immediate professional respect and allow you to command income previously limited to those respected professionals in medicine and law.

Course #108.    Touch, Compel, Capture, Thrill - 18 Marketing Secrets That Don't Cost a Penny! (every one of these 18 secrets is worth tens of thousand of dollars in residual income) ($69)

Advertising is one of the greatest mistakes trainers make.  They needn't tap into profits to find new business.  This plethora of marketing alternatives will be the only marketing lesson you'll ever need to build a lifelong career in the fitness field.  Best of all, none of these alternative require any investment at all!

Course #109.    TRANSFORM! The Complete Program + "How Professionals Can Master Body Transformation" ($229)

Phil's TRANSFORM! program has helped over 35,000 people worldwide gain control of their bodies and their lives.  He began conducting his 17-week program in live group sessions.  People flew in to South Florida to attend sessions that empowered them to boost metabolism, build and shape muscle, and liberate and burn bodyfat.  After a 100% success rate became apparent, Phil replicated his information on audio tapes and videos and created the complete TRANSFORM! program (includes the 368 page TRANSFORM! book).  This special edition comes with an additional audio CD that teaches you, the fitness professional, to apply Phil's Transformation secrets to Guarantee Results with each and every client.

Course #110.    Connecting With the Massive Supplement Market - the Trainer Connection ($69)

The supplement field is generating billions of dollars annually, and while trainers often attempt to find methods of linking their income to supplement sales, few find long term success.  In this program, Phil exposes many of the little known realities behind supplement promotion and offers a variety of options for any trainer looking to supplement income and increase knowledge in this specialized area.

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