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Phil Kaplan Discusses his The Health & Wealth Newsletter.

From 1992 until 1997 I published the Health & Wealth Newsletter monthly. Subscribers included the top fitness professionals in the world and hundreds of todays high earning fitness trainers and entrepreneurs owe their success in great part to "the Newsletter." In '97 my schedule grew overwhelming and I decided to put the newsletter on hold.

I was flattered as over the few years that followed, subscribers continually asked, "when will you start publishing it again?" Finally, in 2002, I decided it was time, and the new Health & Wealth newsletter has proven every bit as powerful as its predecessor. I put out another year of issues and then succumbed once again to a hectic schedule with continuous deadlines. When the Newsletter was active, I guaranteed that every single issue would be worth 10 times the regular annual subscription rate!

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Health & Wealth Newsletter

The Ultimate Mindset Adjustment
for Fitness Professionals

Mindset. I use that word frequently in my seminars. It's a great word. It describes the position from which your thoughts emulate, and those thoughts initiate every action and every achievement in your life!

With athletes the optimal mindset has been called "the zone" and it simply represents a sense of all cylinders firing simultaneously. Of movement, progression, and achievement being virtually effortless. It's finding "the flow." I've learned the power of finding that flow. It's the result of focused productive effort directed toward a definitive goal. If your goal is Personal Training excellence, the Newsletter is guaranteed to help you get into your zone, to find your flow. The most preliminary step of any transformation, be it physical or career related, is the belief that a positive change is possible. The next step is to convince your brain that it's not only possible, it's inevitable. That absolute greatness is within your grasp.

Here's just a small sampling of the testimonials:

"I really enjoy your newsletter, it says it like it is and that's what we need!"
- Dr. Michael Colgan, World Renowned Nutritionist, Author Optimum Sports Nutrition

"I look forward to my issue every month" -Joe Weider

"Of all the information out there for Personal Trainers, your newsletter is the best!" - John Parillo, Founder of the Parillo Bodybuilding system

"Phil, I'm a married Man. But, when I see you, I'm going to hug you.I just read your November Newsletter. It's great! You are a great mentor, and Anthony Robbins says, always duplicate the successful ones. See what works for them, and what did not work for them. You are the Anthony Robbins of the fitness industry."
- Glenn Greer, Personal Trainer, President of Lean On Me Fitness, Inc.

"I read your newsletter last week. I have to say it inspired me to take action. After about an hour of reading it, I met a local news reporter working out in my gym. Within 24 hours, I was on the TV three times positioned as the premier "fitness expert" in the area." - Billy Beck III, Personal Fitness Trainer of the Year, 2002

My new Newsletter, just as the original, after a few short months, had already dramatically impacted the lives of trainers throughout the world. If you're ready to claim your rightful place among the most recognized and gratified trainers, you'll be in good company as a Health & Wealth Newsletter reader. Through the Newsletter back issues I'll teach you to see things differently, with opportunity around every corner. The most dramatic impact will be upon your daily enjoyment of what you do. The most gratifying impact will be upon your income. The most immediate impact will be upon your mindset.

The H&W Newsletter goes miles beyond the information you find in mainstream Personal Training publications. It shares real how-to information about exceeding perceived limitations . . . increasing revenue . . . not by a few dollars, but by tens of thousands. It reveals explosive opportunities that were previously protected by a greedy few. It reveals some Mental Conditioning secrets that will bring you the power to achieve, as well as bring your clients results beyond anything they'd previously thought possible. This has been my life's study, and while I've shared it in bits and pieces in books and seminars, in the Newsletter I shared it consistently, month by month, no holds barred. As I learned and grew, with the Newsletters in your possession so shall you.

An annual subscription of the Health & Wealth Newsletter in 2002 was precisely the same as it was in 1992. $249, and my guarantee was the same.

Sample the Newsletter before you subscribe!

If you want to check out some of the back issues first, be my guest. You'll find an order form making each back issue available for only $12 each with some quantity discounts and special offers. To order any issue in its entirety, go to the Newsletter Order Form or call 1 800 552-1998

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