Phil's Profits Book Comes To Life
In His Industry-Leading PEAK Elite Seminar!

Champion Bodybuilder Viggo Snowhill shares some of the realities of competitive bodybuilding with 72-year-old trainer, Tom Ellison at the June, 2001 PEAK Training event

PEAK Training.

It stands for Personal Empowerment And Knowledge and that's precisely what this incredible weekend delivers.

Fitness Professionals from all over the world join Phil Kaplan and his special guests to learn the inside secrets of instantly pumping up revenues, thrilling clients, and finding unprecedented profitability.

The weekend kicks off on a Thursday night as Phil begins a high energy presentation revealing all of the fraud and deception that has Americans flushing billions of dollars a year down the proverbial toilet! Within the very first hour you'll know. This is a rare event.

Phil promises more than information. He promises mastery of the elusive skills that can take trainers from competence to excellence. He shares the simple steps any qualified trainer can take to generate revenue in line with legal and medical professionals.

What other seminar program for trainers is backed by this awesome guarantee?

"If, for any reason, by 5 PM on Friday, you don't believe this seminar will be worth 10 times your investment in the next year, and over 1,000 times your investment throughout your career, simply ask for a refund and you can enjoy a weekend in South Florida!"

Comments from attenders reinforce the value of PEAK Training:

What are you waiting for? Forget quick fixes and false promises. Phil offers a clear and practical (jam packed) program, several days, not filled in with time to cool off and lose focus. PEAK is like an intense workout that leaves you with results! - Joe Piane, Vortex Fitness

Why would any trainer waste their time trying to develop a successful career, and make a positive impact on other people without this? It would be insane! With only a few of Phil's ideas, my Personal Training revenue has at least doubled!

- Christyn Peters


OK. So PEAK attender Ken Stewart needed a nap. All that learning can wear you out!

But it's a good kind of tired! And when he awoke . . . he was rested and ready for more . . .

The PEAK Weekend surpassed anything I could have expected. I see my income going through the roof! Before I came to the event I had implemented a few of Phil's strategies and they worked wonders. Now I feel even more empowered! - Ken Stewart

PEAK Training!
The Most Powerful Personal Training Opportunity of All Time!

Phil brings in friend and special guest, Lee Labrada to share his experiences
Phil shares all of his secrets.
There's no holding back!
Director of education, Mark Joseph, counsels trainers as to how to best apply the abundance of information they receive at a PEAK event
Network with
Trainers from all over the world!

Now it's up to you.
Are you ready to lift your Personal Training career
to the PEAK of success . . .

Call 1 800 552-1998.

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