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Launch of first ever mentoring program for Personal Trainers

Respected Fitness Professional Phil Kaplan will share ALL of his success secrets . . . with a select 40 trainers!

Letter/Release Dated 09-30-02
Program begins January of 2003.

Forty (40) Personal Trainers are about to reach new heights of excellence, and their profitability will soar!

Phil explains the details of his exciting new program:

"This is unlike any program I've ever offered. It hones in on the skills, methodologies, and techniques that can take any training business from the "I'm earning a living and paying my bills" point to "I'm making a fortune and I love every minute of it!" I know that's a powerful promise. I like to make powerful promises. They put me on the line and force me to deliver. If you're one of the elite 40, you will soon have what will amount to an unfair advantage when viewed by others in the field.

There Are Those Who Achieve, and Those Who Criticize

Trainers are people (I believe you knew that already) and I've always studied people as I'm fascinated by the predictability of their behavior. I've come to understand the Personal Training market from all angles, from the perspective of club owner, trainer, fitness professional, and client, and continue to delve into the mindset of all who fit into those categories. As a result I've developed a definitive knack for predicting.

If you are going to achieve growth and prosperity in the Personal Training field, I can predict at least a portion of the outcome. Be prepared. As your career takes off and it begins to reflect in your fees, your lifestyle, and your demeanor, other local trainers will come up with every excuse in the book as to why you became successful. You'll hear that you were "lucky," that you're intimate with someone who opened doors for you, or that you must be doing something "on the side." If you're not one of those trainers . . . one who will find excuses to justify mediocrity, one who will criticize those who can serve as role models, than you want to be the model they envy, ultimately come to respect, and hopefully emulate. This program will put me in your corner, teaching you the shortest course to achieving your career goals. Let me explain a bit about how this program came about, and then I'll get into the specifics of it.

The Beginnings of Career Growth

I used to limit my practice to "training people one-on-one," and that limitation resulted in a ceiling on my income potential. Throughout a career that has already lasted 20 years, I believe I've taken more risks, taken more stands, and fallen flat on my face more times than anyone else. That's what gives me the edge. Each flop was a learning experience and I've managed, through a long course of trial and error, to learn that every mistake was correctable. Even better, every mistake became a treasured learning experience. Looking back, I wish I'd had a mentor. Someone who could have saved me all of the frustration and effort I invested in my own career. I had teachers, but no one who was able to lay out a path with a sign that says, "follow this road and you'll be a personal training success." That's where you do have an advantage. I'm going to steer you right down that path.

One of the many things that helped me grow my business at a respectable rate was the realization of the power of replication. As I moved from "one-on-ones" to groups, of course my income increased significantly, as well as my ability to reach and ultimately thrill greater numbers of people. After several years of working with people from all walks of life in small groups, I confirmed that what they needed most was the information I deliver, and thanks to audio and video technology, I don't have to be in front of them to deliver that information. Out of that realization my TRANSFORM! Program was born. I put the information I covered in a 368-page book, put the topics covered in group sessions on audio cassettes, and included a 3-hour seminar on video.

After having TRANSFORM! on the market for 7 years, and recognizing the impact that it's had on more than 35,000 people, I sleep well at night knowing I actually managed to deliver the information people need to find their ideal bodies . . . without ever meeting them. I've received hundreds of letters, and even greater numbers of e-mails, where people who I knew only in name had referred to me as their "mentor." That's when the idea of "mentoring" Personal Trainers who need vital and powerful business information began to evolve.

Bringing Vital Information to Trainers

I've worked with trainers privately, in groups and seminars, and ultimately put the foundation of my lessons in hard copy, my Personal Training Profits book. A day does not go by without at least one trainer thanking me for impacting his or her income in extremely positive ways.

After my PEAK Seminar in May of 2002, the "thank you's" increased exponentially and that kicked my thinking up a notch. If only three days of sharing all that I've learned can result in such staggering and consistent income increases, imagine what I could do with someone in 6 months!

If you're interested in finding out more about this program, if you believe you're potentially one of the select forty, continue reading. This is a lengthy explanation. I want you to fully understand the incredible power of this program. If you have twenty minutes right now to devote to reading this, click here and continue. If not, bookmark this page and pull it up again when you have your mind free to explore, comprehend, and absorb. Your life is about to change.

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