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How Do I Lose . . . . This?

By Phil Kaplan

There are two questions I hear over and over and over and over again. The first is . .

"Does it work?"

The question usually relates to a supplement or device.

"Does the ab-trim-plus really work?"

"Does cellucream really target my stubborn fatty pockets."

"Does magic weight away really shed pounds and inches like magic?"

I've covered the scams and offerings at length here at the site as well as on my radio show, so I'll leave that question aside for now. The second question comes in every bit as frequently. It comes to me at the beginning of seminars, in the supermarket, from the hosts of TV shows I visit with, and of course people I meet in health clubs.

"How Do I Lose . . . This?"

The question is accompanied by a gesture . . . pointing to a thigh, grabbing the skin at the back of the arm, or patting a protruding belly. Many of those trying to desperately reduce their waistlines commit to endless reps on the situp board, only to find their efforts are in vain. They're attempting to "target" an area, and in that, reduce the area. They see people with "great abs" working those abs and believe that the exercise being performed is the path to greatness. What they fail to recognize is, either the person with great abs has always been lean, or he or she applied a process involving supportive eating and both resistance and aerobic exercise to get the result. The ab work just becomes a "polishing" movement for those who already have great abs. Still, enough people are misguided for fitness failure to be considered a virtual epidemic, and the two questions are inevitable after someone puts enough effort in with a flawed approach.

Because health club members are just as confused as the general public in the realm of fat reduction, every Personal Trainer is faced with the same two questions . . . over and over and over again. It's clear that people need clarity in the area of bodypart reduction. Bodypart reduction translates to "fat loss," and whether you want to lose fat from the thighs, from the belly, from the love handles, or from the back of the arm, the technology that "works" is identical. If you want fat to leave your body, you have to incorporate a technology that truly allows for fat release.

Too many are misled by judging their progress by their pounds. The scale cannot measure fat reduction and a reliance upon the scale, especially now, during the Holiday Season can only lead to greater and greater frustration. Forget the scale, forget those devices that "target" problem areas, and begin to understand The Fitness Truth.

I publish a monthly newsletter for Personal Trainers. The focus is on helping trainers find their professional footing . . . and deliver more value than people expect. Several months ago I covered the fat loss issue in depth. I believe sharing a segment of that newsletter . . . sharing a piece of what trainers learned that month about how to help people understand fat loss . . . will act as protection and offer a bit of clarity for those who are tempted to ask . . . "How Do I Lose This?"

Here's an excerpt from my June, 2002, Health & Wealth Newsletter. Keep in mind, it was written for personal trainers, but the information applies to everyone. In this segment of the newsletter I shared with trainers a figurative filter . . . some specific information that if their clients come to understand . . . the fat loss mystery is cleared up. If you are a human being born on the planet earth, I can assure you, the information applies.

(excerpt begins here)

The body loses fat systemically!

We know this, and we often assume clients do as well . . . but we should never assume. Few embarking upon exercise programs or a shift in nutritional habits really understand how fat goes away. It's important that we help them see that we cannot determine where our bodies choose to release fat from, and with genetic predispositions aside, we lose fat proportionately from everywhere. If they understand this first vital fact, that fat loss in a given area can only be attained by putting the body into a physiological state where it's willing to systemically free up some fatty acids as a fuel supply, they are far more likely to grasp the idea that the concept they must employ is global, that what "works" for an athlete "works" for a 35-year old woman busy raising kids. The process that works to allow the body to systemically and healthfully release fat as fuel is . . . well you know, a combination of the right nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise, and a concern for muscle. Once this is instilled, once a client can actually explain this back to you, a major leap has been achieved in positioning that person for results. With that gold nugget in place, we must move on to the next one.

Fat Loss is a two-step process.

Bodyfat is actually the accumulation of fatty acids structured as adipose tissue. That adipose tissue has secured itself inside a cell membrane. That membrane is structured in part from fat. Body fluids are predominantly water. Unless we can release those fatty acids from the protection of that fat cell membrane, it's protected, locked in place, inaccessible by the ever-flowing bloodstream. In order to burn it, it must first be released! It must penetrate the wall of the fat cell and enter the bloodstream. The released fatty acids travel via the bloodstream into the mitochondria of muscle cells where they can be burned. Fat loss requires first fat release and secondly fat burning. With the second gold nugget locked in place, we move to the third and final piece of creating an effective information filter.

There isn't any pill . . .

There isn't any pill that will burn fat, there isn't any pill that will shed pounds like magic, and there isn't any pill that boosts metabolism with any permanence. Pills enter via the digestive tract. We've already established that fat cell membranes and the little capillary support networks they build up are protecting fat. To expect a pill to magically suck fat into the digestive tract is to expect a miracle, and we already know, the fitness miracle doesn't exist. When your clients see infomercials and full page ads presenting chitosan products (Fat Trapper) as great fat burners, the filter you've created will help them see through the deception. Pills that "boost metabolism" do not actually boost metabolism, but rather create a drug induced stimulant effect. While caloric burn may be increased, and fat release may be amplified slightly in the short term, the inability to maintain a stimulant induced "fat burning" state without serious risk of side effects reinforces the reality that says, "fat burners do not burn fat." In order to burn fat, remember, you have to first release it and then burn it as fuel. That requires stabilization of blood sugar, increased caloric burn through exercise, and metabolism stimulating meals. A pill just won't do it. Just with that basic filter alone, with that preliminary understanding of fat release, it becomes clear that a supplement won't do it, a diet won't do it, a spot reduction device won't do it, and only a sensible reliance upon a carefully constructed strategy incorporating exercise and supportive eating can lead to long term healthful fat loss. Wow, if only we could get everybody to that point of understanding before counseling them along the path of a structured synergistic program.

(end of excerpt)

What should you extract from this? Well . . . that if you want to "reduce" or "get rid of" or "lose" anything that presently makes up your physical manifestation (that's just a fancy way of saying "if you want to lose bodyfat"), you must apply the same three vital components that everyone else seeking fat loss must apply if their goals are ever going to become reality.

The Right Nutrition, Moderate Aerobic Exercise, and a Concern for Muscle!

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- Michael Scott Calahan, Personal Fitness Trainer, Baton Rouge, LA

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