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The Best Ways To Cheat and Not Suffer For It

Once upon a time Paul Castronovo and Young Ron Brewer were the mainstays on South Florida's WZTA, affectionately nicknamed ZETA. Like all good things, ZETA had its beginning and its end and Paul and Young Ron have moved onto new horizons, but the ZETA audience had a special connection with Paul and Ron and their regular guests. I happened to be one of those regulars, and whenever I was on the show, the questions would pour in.  Very often I'd take the phone calls off the air, and I could always count on the "what if I drink beer" and "which supplements work" questions. 

After one particular visit on the show, I decided to post the answers to the common ZETA questions, thus, the article that follows was born. It gets into the subtleties of gaining control of your body without writing beer off completely, and without putting pizza on the "off limits" list. Keep in mind, I'm not saying you should jump into a beer, pizza, and brownies diet and expect to get fit.  I am saying that it is quite possible to begin a process of ongoing improvement without living a glowingly clean and perfect lifestyle.

1. It's Better to Drink Beer (Sometimes), Eat Right Some of the Time, and Exercise . . .
Than it is to Drink Beer, Do Shots, Fall Down Once in Awhile, and Sit Around Like A Lump of Blubber!

The night before I wrote this, I happened to run into a professional athlete (who's name I won't mention) who is quite fit . . . and had a beer in his hand.  Judging by his demeanor, it wasn't his first.  During football season, beer and I become well acquainted on Sundays, and dinner often includes a glass of wine.  I've had many dinners with "fit" celebrities, and if I were to tell you they always eat healthy and never drink I'd be lying through my teeth (or keyboard as the case may be).  The secret lies in knowing how to balance out the less "supportive" options with meals that will boost metabolism and exercise that will keep the potential for fat accumulation at bay.  Click here for more info on "Fitness Drinking (hey, maybe I just invented a new sport)!

2. You Gotta Eat Pizza!

  OK, maybe I should say "I gotta eat Pizza!"  I grew up in New York, where pizza is king!  Ray's Pizza in New York is far and away the best on the planet (although there's an ongoing debate over where the "Original Ray's" really is).  If I couldn't eat pizza and stay fit, it's a pretty sure bet I'd be a fat guy!  Read how pizza can fit into a Fitness Program.

3. Eat home made Brownies, and lose weight!

Again, you can't eat Brownies all day every day and expect to have ripped abs, but you also can't completely give up the foods you love.  My wife makes what might be the most incredible brownies in the world.  I suggested an experiment.  I asked her, in an attempt to add some nutritional value to the traditionally unsupportive food, to back off on the sugar, use only egg whites and forget about the yolks, back off a bit on the flour, and add some whey protein and my EAT! formula which is sweetened with stevia and acesulfame (two sweeteners that do not hinder fat release as sugar does).  While they're not as good as the rich deep moist chocolate brownies loaded with fat and sugar, and they're not the equivalent of eating a nice grilled piece of fish, potato, and veggies, this allows a Cheat Day food to provide some metabolic value.  For me the cheat day is once a week, but if you had all else under control, the somewhat supportive brownies might add a dessert to the dinner meal two or three nights per week . . . as you reduce fat! 

4. Over the Counter Products That Have Drug Effects

I have worked with enough athletes to understand why some opt for performance enhancing drugs.  Today, while many supplements are mismarketed, there are some over the counter products that have been used successfully by athletes.

One of the most common, and the most commonly abused, are the Thermogenics.  Regardless of the brand name (such as Xenadrine), they are usually combinations of caffeine and ephedrine.  While they are not the fat burners they're cracked up to be, and they do have some potential side effects, with careful use these can "kick up" your workouts if used sparingly.  They are, in a sense, legal speed.  In fact, methamphetamine (which I'm NOT recommending) can be manufactured from ephedrine!  You can buy expensive supplements with herbal combinations of these drugs, or you can simply stop by a drug store and pick up the drugs store's most inexpensive "stay awake" product (caffeine 200 mg) and some Primatene tabs (ephedrine 12.5 mg).  I am not recommending use of these products, but there have been many that I've worked with who have used them carefully for benefit.  Before even considering their use, read through all of the info at my site on these topics.  Click Here for more info on Thermogenics.

The new weight loss drug, Xenical, promises to limit absorption of the fat you eat.  It's expensive, and it does not affect body fat at all.  Xenical's action interferes with the enzyme that transports fat.  Over the counter Citrimax, also sold under the names of HCA and the herbal name, Garcinia Cambogia, are far less expensive and can just as effectively limit fat absorption.  Again, that shouldn't offer license for limitless fat, and with excess use there are some unpleasant side effects.  You should find out The Whole Story on these products before considering use.

Yohimbe.  This has been sold as Herbal Viagra.  You can read more by clicking here.

Click Here to find out more about the Supplements I believe have value!

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My programs are not restrictive.  They provide a map of what would be optimal, and then allow you to make progress, gradually, to the best of your ability.  If you're ready to jump into this full steam ahead, check out my TRANSFORM! program.  If you're unsure if you can make it through 17 weeks of sticking to something . . . try the 17-Day ANSWER!  You can absolutely make it through 17 days.  


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