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One of the most common career crippling mistakes I see Personal Trainers make is giving their services away!  I understand why.  As pioneers in a field that has not yet gained a standard of perceived value among the masses, we feel it imperative that we allow potential clients to "try before they buy."  We want to prove our value.  Unfortunately, offering free sessions, free assessments, and free consultations does just the opposite!

Because trainers are so willing to "perform" their services without fee, health club owners have learned to expect the "Free Consultation" or "Free First Workout" from their trainers.   This, I believe, has set us back greatly by setting the perception of our value at . . . ZERO!

It's time for trainers to take a stand.  I have not conducted a free consultation in over a decade, and I never offer a free assessment.  It's not greed.  It's a concern for maintaining an image, one with which people link value.  Today I charge $200 per hour, and consultations are the same price as workout sessions or fitness assessments.  I share that information, not to boast, but to illustrate that I'd never ask you to do anything I wasn't full willing to stand behind myself.  Professionals in recognized "Professions" are paid for their time.  I defy you to find a competent lawyer who will consult with you for free, or a doctor willing to conduct the first exam without charge.  There's no reason in the world trainers shouldn't elevate themselves to the perception level of medical and legal professionals.  Global change begins when an elite few are willing to take a stand.  Stop giving away your services, and begin a path toward escalating your value, and of course your profitability, that knows no bounds.

There is one catch.  I encourage you to offer your first workouts, consultations, and all other sessions, for fee, but with an unconditional money back guarantee.  It it risky?  I don't think so.  I believe it's far better to risk possibly giving a refund than to offer services where you're certain not to be compensated.  The guarantee offer puts you on the line, puts you in a position where you're forced to deliver more value than people expect.  If we all unite with that as our mission, we all become allies unified to elevate the public's perception of the value of a Personal Fitness Professional.

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