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Phil Kaplan Personally Changed Over 5,000 Lives in 2001 . . .
Over 25,000 in 2002 . . . More than 40,000 in 2003 . . .
Too Many to Count in 2004 . . .
And He's Only Just Begun!!!!

Here are his Upcoming Seminar Events:

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For Anyone seeking a Positive Physical Change

The "Breakthroughs" seminar attracts between 500 and 1,000 people per event. Everyone walks out not only pumped to the max with motivation, not only with an absolute knowledge that physical change is possible, but with complete clarity as to how to change his or her body virtually any way they'd like. You'll find people there from every imaginable walk of life. It's common to find Professional Athletes, Pro Bodybuilders, High Level Fitness Competitors at a "Breakthroughs" seminar, but they're mixed in with people from 16 - 90 . . . all shapes and sizes . . . all fitness levels. And be prepared to have fun. This is not your typical boring seminar. It quite simply promises to be the Most Powerful and Life Changing Fitness Experience of your life.

Note: The Breakthroughs Seminar on DVD is now a component of the New TRANSFORM! Program.

The Small Group Workshops

This offers a rare opportunity to experience a life changing event in a small group where Phil has direct contact with everyone in attendance. This is for anyone looking to make a positive physical change. There are now a number of special workshops offered including Phil's "You Can't Fail" sessions. Call for dates and availability. Phil personally conducts about six of these small groups a year in South Florida and members of his team conduct the workshops periodically to allow for greater participation as the workshops are limited in size.


The PEAK Weekend

The ultimate experience for fitness professionals. It kicks off on a Thursday night with a "Best" event and continues through the weekend with Phil and his personal mentors working with high level fitness pros from around the globe to help them develop mastery of professionalism, influence, and the fine art of helping clients achieve the results they REALLY want. Guaranteed to be worth 1000 times the investment! Features the most valuable networking opportunity in the entire industry. Only for credibly certified Personal Fitness Trainers.

To register for seminar events, you can get your tickets on-line by visiting the On-Line Superstore or by calling 1 800 552-1998.

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