PHIL KAPLAN'S Breakthroughs - The Life-Altering Fitness Experience!

OK, so you missed it . . . the greatest Breakthroughs seminar yet. Balloons flying, latin dancing, drums playing, and people having the time of their lives as they all gained empowerment by coming to understand what Phil has now trademarked as his unique brand of information . . . The Fitness Truth.

If you live in South Florida, you won't have another opportunity to attend a Breakthroughs event until June of 2004 . . . but . . . wherever you live you can now share the Breakthroughs experience on audio CD! Now, on 3 audio CDs, you can order the entire soundtrack for only $20.
The Breakthroughs seminar delivers the same type of information Phil delivers in his programs, but it puts it in a 3- hour format filled with a no-holds-barred presentation unaffected by sponsors or advertisers. It is the Fitness Truth in its purest form and those who attend know their lives will never be the same.
Click on the slides and photos below to hear audio clips taken right from the CD.


In this clip Phil discusses the insanity one would experience attempting to find the solution in the bookstore. While there are certainly no shortage of books on the topic of weight control, read a few and it's only a matter of time before your head starts spinning! Click on the photo to hear the clip.

In the seminar Phil shares the secrets of "Supportive Nutrition." Even with an understanding of nutritional science, "eating right" remains a challenge, in part because food labels lie! In this clip Phil reveals how cooking spray can be labeled "fat-free."

In the second half of the Breakthroughs event, Phil clears up the realities behind exercise. He explains how simple an exercise program can be, and much of the information is shocking. One shocking reality is, too much aerobic exercise can make you fatter!

The nutritional supplement industry is rife with fraud and deception. By the time you walk out of a Breakthroughs seminar, you can see clearly through the supplement maze. While there are a few supplements that have virtue, there are many that are sold despite some unwarranted risks.

Order the CD's now for only $20

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