I've been hosting my own radio show for over seven years now.  I remember the day I decided I wanted to reach you through your radio.  I was stuck in traffic flipping around the AM dial trying to find something to hold my attention.  I landed on a talk show about fat loss.  I listened for a short time before I realized this "host" was selling a chromium picolinate product as a "Great New Fat Loss Solution."  They gave out a phone number and I tried calling.  The screener asked me what I wanted to talk about.  I wanted to discuss a research study the host was referring to.  They refused to take my call.  I found out the station was a short drive from the traffic jam I was stuck in.  I decided to head over there.  I met the owner of the station.  I was upset.  I felt that if someone is putting information out to the public, they should at least be required to deliver that information with some honesty.  The station owner and I got into a lengthy conversation about fitness, fraud, and the radio.  He was soon showing me around and when he showed me the studio, I was shocked!  The host that I was listening to on the radio, the one selling the "Great New Fat Loss Solution," . . . was FAT!  He was a FAT PERSON selling people worthless pills claiming he had some sort of amazing new solution.  That day I negotiated an arrangement which would allow me an hour a week to share the fitness truth.  That was the beginning of the Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour.

Unfortunately, most of the shows that reach you through the airwaves are founded by a different motivation than I had.  They are paid programming with a single purpose.  Making money by selling you products!  I've seen it all! I've seen "Live" shows taking phone calls . . . on tape!  They were pre-produced in studios to sound live.  The calls are fake, the callers are paid, and the "expert" is a pitch-man adept at motivating you to buy.  These shows will sell enzymes by having an expert tell you our foods are so altered and our bodies so beat up we can't digest without these pills.  They'll sell Growth Hormone precursors claiming to make you younger, stronger, leaner, and more fit while an expert rattles off some double talk discussing research in Sweden and pushing your "buying buttons."  They'll sell sex formulas promising to make you perform like a teenage bull claiming these products are just "barely legal."  The worst part is . . . they're good!  Not the products, but the pitch people!

Many of the shows are made up.  They don't really exist.  Companies hire a phony host, a script writer, a manufactured expert, and media buyers.  They do a nice job of making the shows sound legit.  They have titles that refer to "Your Health" or "The World of Fitness."  Here's a clue.  If the show's commercials are for the products being discussed, you can be 100% certain a media buyer purchased that block of time to sell products.  If they take phone calls, but never give out a phone number to call, you can bet that show has been pre-recorded.  If the same show is on every week . . . I mean the same EXACT show with the same EXACT expert answering the same EXACT questions . . .it's a radio infomercial!

The media is a powerful vehicle for selling products.  That's good, for those who have legitimate and valuable products to sell, however, those people will normally be interviewed by legitimate hosts of legitimate shows.  Your only protection is recognition.  If they give out an "order" phone number, you should be able to reach the "Experts" office or you should be directed to some credible information regarding the product and the science behind it.  No longer can you trust the media to deliver honest information.  You have to be discerning.   Sure, there's some good information out there, but it's easy to get fooled.  As a matter of fact, looking beyond radio, there's no more powerful seller of products than the TV Infomercial!

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