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Update - October 28, 2004

By Phil Kaplan

The purpose of this update? To protect you. Will you learn very much as you progress through this article? Perhaps not, but for many it will allow them to regain their common sense. I will share the eight parts of an effective fitness and fat reduction strategy, but more importantly, I want to make sure that you learn to recognize the very cleverly disguised deception that drives millions upon millions to give up both their money and their beleif that physical change is possible. I assure you, if you're living and breathing, positive physical change is not only possible, it's guaranteed . . .if (and this is a big "if") . . .you have the correct approach. A sound technology of change.

With that in mind, we begin the update . . . .

Who is the strongest person you know?

Think about it and come up with answer.

OK, how many people did you come up with?

One, right?

Of course!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who is the smartest?

Think about it.

I'll bet you come up with one person.

What is the fastest car?

The McLaren F1? The Corvette Sledgehammer? In order to answer the question there would have to a decisive race, and only ONE would win!

Who is the oldest living human being?

What is the largest continent?

All of those questions have one answer. There is only one biggest, one strongest, one fastest.

Using that logic, it would follow that if I were to ask what is the most amazing weight loss option available today, there would be one? Right? Because the words, "most amazing," would direct you to choose the ONE product that is in fact the most amazing.

Back in the Old Days . . . .

. . . sellers of nutritional supplements found their fortunes by pursuing direct mail campaigns, and the more pages they put in their direct mail packages, the greater their marketing costs and the more pressing their need for a significant response. There would be a sales letter presenting the pill, diet, or new formula as a revolutionary breakthrough. There would be a brochure featuring attractive pictures of the product and happy smiling people with fabricated testimonials. There might also be an order form, a discount coupon, or a "special bonus offer" to create a sense of urgency.

The cost per prospect was a primary consideration. Printing has its costs. Mailing has its costs. Fulfillment has its cost. Many made millions, but many millions struggled to find the message that worked (wouldn't it have been really cool if they focused on creating something of quality rather than something that would sell?).

Today, in the 21 Century . . .

. . . thanks to the Internet, marketing cost has gone down, and marketers' reach has been increased radically. Rather than limiting themselves to the number of brochures and sales letters they can afford to print and mail, on the web marketers can just add more and more compelling copy, more and more testimonials, and more and more promises and the additional cost is next to nothing.

You've no doubt received emails promising a miracle cure. Somehow you made it on to a list. Sure, we call that Spam and many of us filter those offers out, but if there weren't people responding . . . the ads would go away. E-mail blasts remains the hottest trend for Internet marketers of weight loss products.

The success formula is simple. Here's how it works. They secure a domain name (a www address) containing the words "miracle," "amazing" or "magic," and they intersperse the adjective with the words "weight loss," "trim down," or "slim away." They then purchase lists. E-mail lists.

Back in the days of direct mail, lists could get expensive for marketers. They'd buy lists of proven buyers and the more responsive the lists were, the more expensive they became. This worked wonders because they were all selling worthless products, so there was a guarantee that a short time after a purchase, everyone on that list would be prime for a new weight loss offer. Because today, 2/3 of Americans are overweight, the new Internet marketers know that if they just randomly email messages to hundreds of thousands of "weight loss prospects," statistically 2 out of 3 people who read the email will have at least enough interest to read and possibly "click here."

The email marketers buy massive lists inexpensively and send out emails that use several approaches to catch your attention.

1. They simply say "Hi" and appear to be from a friend -


Body Text: I know you've been waiting for me to send you the link to the product that helped me lose all that weight, the most amazing weight loss product ever invented. I've been so busy with dates and my social life has become amazing. It must have been a few months ago that I told you I'd send the link, but better late than never . . . .

2. They are intriguing -

SUBJECT: This is awesome!

Body Text: If someone told me that one pill a day can get me to lose 86 pounds without diet or exercise, I never would have believed it. Then a friend gave me a small bottle of little pills, and I took one a day. The pills are herbal, they're legal, and even doctors are keeping them quiet because they don't want them to replace those expensive weight loss drugs. Want to get the inside story on the most amazing pill the world has ever seen? . . . .

3. They promise a benefit -

SUBJECT: Lose more weight than ever

Body Text: Lose as much weight as you want, even up to 45 pounds in the first month! People everywhere are shocked by the amazing weight loss result super thinnythin wafers bring. Best of all, they aren't pills or capsules. They're food, so you never get hungry! Forget about those diets that limit your weight loss to a measly 2-3 pounds per week. Lose more weight than ever with the most amazing weight loss food!!!!

4. They announce a new discovery -

SUBJECT: the miracle weight loss pill is here

Body Text: Swedish researchers have known for years that they can get people down to their ideal body weight by prescribing a little-known drug. The problem is, the FDA wouldn't allow it into the U.S. That was until Dr. Donald Duck returned from Sweden and attempted to recreate the pharmaceutical formula. Dr. Duck not only managed to invent an amazing weight loss product, but by adding a very safe and natural herb managed to lower cholesterol, increase sex drive, and eliminate depression. This is the most effective weight loss product ever developed, and for the first time ever it's being made available to a select few who respond to this announcement.

5. They share a personal story -

SUBJECT: 100 pounds are gone, and it was easy!

Body text: When I reached 318 pounds, my husband left me. It was the most crushing moment of my life when I watched him walk out the door for the last time. I didn't blame him. He married a size two and wound up with someone who couldn't even buy jeans that fit. For two weeks after he left I stayed in the house nursing my emotional wounds with food. I ballooned up to my highest ever, 329! I went to the doctor to help with my depression and all I wanted was to forget, to stop feeling miserable. I just wanted one day without crying. The doctor stunned me when she said, "you don't need a drug, you just need to lose weight, and it's simpler than ever!" She took out what looked like a large toothpaste tube and handed me the most powerful weight loss agent known to mankind. I couldn't wait to try it so I rubbed some on my thighs and around my waist before I even left the doctor's office. When I got home I weighed myself and I was back to 318! Either my scale was broken, or this really was amazing. Every morning I'd rub miracle melt away cream on my trouble areas, and 100 pounds later I'm showing off my new body in a brand new string bikini! If I ever knew it would be this easy, I wouldn't have waited so long to start enjoying life . . . .

Of course then the text directs those who read it to the compelling website. I started looking closely at these sites and here's what I found. If you're looking for the most amazing weight loss product, and remember, there is only one MOST anything . . . you'll find hundreds of products all making the promise, and amazingly, nearly every one of those promises is complete and total fraud!

I have a spam filter that works wonders. It's called Spam Bully. At this moment I have 24,000 spam message in my "Spam" folder and I cleaned it out only about 2 weeks ago. Before I wrote this article I scanned through the folder to examine the fitness and weight loss offerings that either used the words, "miracle," "amazing," and "magic" or used at least one of the five ploys I just outlined. I found:

  • 1400 offers for Viagra, Cialis, or "better sex"
  • 1200 offers for diet drugs online through foreign pharmacies
  • 850 offers for Multi-Level Marketing products where an "independent distributor" was going to both help me lose weight and make me rich in the process

Here's the interesting part. Of the emails I scanned through (I downloaded Google's Desktop Search - it's really cool and saves me lots of time when I decide to do silly things like count my emails), more than 1000 of them promised to be "the most," effective, "the best" weight loss formula, or "the most amazing" pill. 1,000 bests?

Marketers of weight loss and fitness products have gone to such extremes their compelling messages are pure fiction. In fact, they defy common sense. Still, when we live in a society where people tune in to watch overweight people starve, sweat, and compete on "The Biggest Loser," where TV and radio become vehicles to hypnotize the weight loss wanting public, and where the Internet compels people to make purchases in private, purchases that in many cases will do nothing but reduce their bank balances, people will bypass their common sense and reach out in desperation hoping, almost believing, in the new miracle.

Just for kicks, go to your favorite search engine and type in, in quotations, "most amazing weight loss." You'll probably get six pages of links including CHOCOLATE LOVERS DREAM, collagen protein, herbal formulas, hypnosis, CLA, Enforma System, and a host of products, some recognizable, some completely out of left field. Next, try typing in "weight loss miracle." You'll find 2000 some odd links, promising the pounds will drop like crazy.

Here's what's really amazing. You.

Your heart beats without you having to rev it up or even think about it. That's amazing.

When you sleep your pituitary gland goes to work producing more Growth Hormone. That's amazing.

When you eat your body turns food into molecular nutrients and uses amino acids to build new healthy cells. That's amazing.

If you recognize that there's nothing amazing about any formula promising weight loss, and you stop and think about how amazing your body actually is, you should comfortably buy into my next statement.

The most amazing weight loss program available today is the one that teaches you to coax your body to gradually release fat, boost metabolism, and add or maintain lean metabolically active muscle. The most amazing weight loss program available today is the one that starts not with a supplement purchase but with a mindset adjustment. The most amazing weight loss program available today is any program that applies the vital concept of Synergy.

All of my programs that assist in fat reduction are built around a solid, proven, effective strategy incorporating eight parts:

  1. Resistance Exercise is a must

  2. Aerobic Exercise can be kept moderate

  3. Exercise the body as the body is designed to move and avoid unnatural movements that put undue stress on muscles, joints, or connective tissue

  4. There should be a slight caloric deficit, but not too extreme and not achieved through nutrient deprivation

  5. Simple sugars and bleached and refined carbs must be minimized

  6. Activity and downtime (recuperation) must be in balance

  7. A balance of complex carbs, fiber, essential fats, and protein must be ingested frequently spread evenly throughout the day.

  8. Change your exercise regimen with some regularity finding new and creative ways to increase intensity without relying on extreme exercise volume. Simply challenge your muscles and your cardiorespiratory a bit more than they're used to being challenged.

What's really amazing is the fact that your body can adapt to the stimulus you throw at it. You just have to make sure the stimulus is a sensible one built upon, as I suggested at the onset, a sound technology of change.

As I've continued to work with thousands of people, as I've continued to explore thousands of purported solutions, and as I've interacted with the elite handful of coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and experts who consistently help others achieve long term healthful fitness and fat loss, I've continued to reinforce the fact that the eight parts of the strategy outlined above result in control over your body and your metabolism.

Clever marketing ploys to watch out for:

A company with an address in Canada produces a very slick and well produced sales brochure disguised as "Plastic Surgery Magazine." The company has used the name Denman Scientific, but appears to have distributed similar magazines under different company names. The "magazine" shows extreme (retouched and computer enhanced) before and after images and directs readers toward a supplement. This has been used to sell Zymax, an ephedrine based product, and several other products claiming to get rid of fat. The magazine is a fake, the products way overhyped. If you receive Plastic Surgery Magazine in the mail and it suggests you buy a supplement, recognize it for what it is. A very clever scam.

Beware the seaweed based weight loss patches. The FTC has already filed claims against several promoters of these "big sellers," but they keep coming in in the form of spam. The mechanism by which this seaweed patch works is supposed to involve thyroid hormone production as seaweed is high in iodine and iodine . . . ingested . . . can alter thyroid levels. The catch is, if it "works" you run the risk of slowing thyroid in the long term. It's also important to note that if it "works," a review of FDA laws would reveal that it would have to be categorized as a drug. So . . . bottom line . . . it doesn't work, regardless of what the ads and emails say.

Beware the ads and come-ons that say "no diet, no exercise." There could be a third part to that statement. No results!

Beware the unrealistic "lose pounds" offerings. The FTC stopped the manufacturer of Thermoslim from marketing it using claims such as "95 pounds gone in 60 days," but with one company being faced with a $1 million fine, there are hundreds of other companies full willing to take that risk. Despite the efforts of the FTC, there is virtually no limit to the number of advertisers making over-the-top lose-weight claims.

When a product claims to be a magic formula, examine the ingredients. If the primary ingredient is collagen protein, you should know that the FTC has already fined sellers of collagen protein using weight loss claims significantly. As in the case of the "lose pounds" offerings, they managed to shut down a few fraudulent operators, but the deception is too widespread for it to really be controlled.

I've been asked repeatedly about the product Cortislim. You can read my most recent review of the product at Since that article was written, the FTC has continued to pursue the company known as "Window Rock" and the most recent FTC complaint alleges that the defendants violated the FTC Act by making deceptive efficacy claims for CortiSlim and CortiStress.

I can go on and on, but by now you should get the point. If any of the new "miracles" from the past decade "worked," would our population continue its declining health trend? Forget the miracles and find the magic within. Apply the 8 part strategy I shared earlier and finally gain control over your body . . . once and for all!

* * * * *

If you live in South Florida and seek a positive physical change, read the important note below:

Note: In 2005 I'll be releasing a new and updated version of my TRANSFORM! program which will include many of the elements from my "You Can't Fail" workshop. The new program will feature audio CD's and DVD's and will sell for $249.

Before I re-release the program, I'm going to take 10 people through the program myself. They'll meet with me in my Wellington (West Palm Beach) office weekly over a 17 week period. $1200 covers the entire 17 weeks and you'll work with me personally.

This is only open to 10 people. A $200 deposit is required to hold a spot. Once we have the full group of 10 (as of the time I'm posting this we have 4 registered), we will announce the start date (sometime in early January). If you're interested, drop me an email and include a daytime phone number. Holly or Brooke will call you to process your registration. You can also call 1 800 552-1998 during business hours. Looking forward to the new transformations!


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