Letter #1 – Fit and Healthy

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Health and Fitness are words that get thrown around with little actual significance. In this first of Seven Letters, you’ll come to understand how, when we look beyond the term, the essence of health and fitness is in direct correlation with the quality of the life you lead, the joy you find in each living day, and the value you find in every experience. In a society where disease has become acceptable, gain genuine insight into the power you have to master your own body and life. This letter opens the door to recognition over the immense power you have to be at your absolute best.

He’s been called The Father of Personal Training, The Master of Body Transformation and America’s Most In-Demand Fitness Professional. But what truly defines Phil Kaplan is his undying defense of the Fitness Truth, unwavering support of Personal Trainers, and undeniable passion for helping people improve their lives.

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