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I once believed “taking people through workouts” was enough, but in the 21st Century, people fail to find fitness for one reason. They have bad information in their heads, and the wild array of ads and product offerings only makes matters worse. Through my website, seminars, and media appearances I share “The Fitness Truth.” Below you’ll find an ever-growing list of topics that people typically ask about.  Keep me posted on products and topics you’d like to see discussed.  Find an additional listing of articles at the Update Menu. For products visit my on-line Superstore.  Also tune into my Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour radio show Saturdays at 9 AM (WIOD in South Florida) and in select cities from 7 AM to 9 AM (EST) Sundays.


  Ab developers (the new breed of Electronic Muscle Stimulators)
  Ab exercises (for a flat tummy)
  Ab exercises (the common mistakes)
  Ab Lounge
  Advice – Who can you trust?
  Aerobic Exercise and Fat Loss
  Aerobic Exercise and Weight Training
  Anabolic Steroids
  Androstene and Related Products
  Alcohol (and your fitness program)
  Alpha Lipoic Acid
  ANSWER – Get Fit in 17 Days!
  Artificial Sweeteners
  The Atkins Diet
  The Atkins Diet – the latest “pro Atkins” research
  Bars (Nutritional and Sports Supplement Bars)
  Bariatric Surgery (gastric bypass)
  Blood Sugar (Diabetes) and The Program
Body Flex
  Body Solutions (Collagen Protein)
  Body Types
  Calorie Deprivation
  Cardio Routines
  CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  Calcium and Fat Loss
Carb Blockers
  Carnitine (L-carnitine)
  Chitosan and the Fat Blockers
  Chromium as a Fat Burner
  Collagen Protein
  Components of Fitness and Physical Excellence
  Coral Calcium
Core Training (Functional Training)
Core Training (vs. the Health Club Machines)
  Cortisol (the Stress Hormone)
  Creatine (just the facts)
  Creatine Serum
  Curves for Women
  DHEA and the Testosterone Boosters
  Diet Patch
  Doctors and Fitness
  Drug Use in Bodybuilding
  EAT! Formula
  EAT! Recipe Book!
  Eat Right and Exercise
  Electrical Impedance Fat Reducers
  Enjoy Recipe Book! Gourmet Supportive Meals!
  Ephedra Free Formulas
Ephedrine (April 2005 court decision)
  FTC Fraudulent Weight Loss Claims
  Fasting for Athletes
  Fat Burners
  Fat-Free Foods
  Fat Loss
  Fit For Life
  Fitness Careers
  Flavor Point Diet
Flaxseed Oil and Bodybuilding
  Food Labels
  Frequently (and not-so frequently) asked Questions
Fruit and Fat Loss
Golfer’s Elbow
Green Tea
Growth Hormone
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
HIT (High Intensity Training)
  Healthy Foods
  Herbal Viag . . . The Herbal Male Sex Enhancers
  Hunza Weight Loss Bread
Immune Egg
Infomercial Products
Kynoselen (Kyno)
  Meal Replacement Formulas and Protein Language
  Meal Replacement Formulas (and EAT! special)
  Medial epicondylitis
  Metabolic Syndrome
  Metabolism Boosters
  Muscle Growth
  Net Carbs
  Nutritional Products for Fitness, Weight Loss, and Bodybuilding from Phil Kaplan
  On-Line Programs
Personal Fitness Trainers
Phase 2 (carb blocker)
  Pizza (on a fitness program)
  Post-Workout Recovery Drinks
  Power Blocks (adjustable dumbbells)
  Products – Fitness Superstore
  Programs – Which of Phil’s Programs is Best?
  Protein Products – What the Big Words Mean
  Protein Study – Investigating Protein Supplements
  Quick Weight Loss
  Radio Infomercials
  Resistance Exercise (the Basic Moves)
  Ripped Fuel
  Sagging Skin (after weight loss)
Sex and Fitness
  South Beach Diet
  Soy Protein
Static Contraction
  Steroid Realities
  Steroids on the Internet
Strength & Growth
  Stress and Exercise
  Sugar – How Much is Too Much?
  Sugar-Free Foods
  Superslow Training
  Supportive Eating
  Thyroid and Weight Gain Questions and Answers
  Thyroid Concerns and Fitness – a Basic Explanation
  Torso Track
  TRANSFORM! – 17-Week Body Transformation
  Trim Spa
  Vegetarians and Supportive Eating
  Weight Loss
Weight Loss Drugs (history)
  Weight Loss Drugs on the Internet
  Weight Loss Surgery
  Weight Training (the Basic Moves)
  Weight Watchers
  Women and Weights
Zone Diet
  Special Audio Tracks (Real Player)
The Best You’ve Ever Been Audio
Recent Mind & Muscle Fitness Hour Radio Shows
Phil Interviews Personal Training Experts
Phil Interviews Pro Bodybuilders
  Popular Articles by Phil Kaplan at the Site ( for additional articles see the Update Menu )
Blew What? (fixing the blown resolution)
What’s New in the World of Weight Reduction?
  Fuel and Stuff: A New Perspective on Synergy (what works)
  The Medical Paradox
Is There a Weight Loss Pill?
  The Atkins Diet Revisited (a compilation of data written after Dr. Atkins passing)
Invasion of the Evil Diet Mongers
The 8 Deadly Pitfalls of Exercising and Eating Right (Why Aren’t You Getting Results?)
The 5 Fitness and Weight Loss Scams of 2005
What Do We Really Need?
The Framework Upon Which Solutions Are Found
The Supplement Short List
What Supplements “Work?”
The Awards Show That Never Was . . . But Should Have Been!
Supplements That Really Play a Role in Fat Burning
  The Dark Side of Bodybuilding: The Growth of the Black Market
  Bars, Powders, Meal Replacements . . . What’s Best?
  Who Can You Trust? Avoiding Bad Advice
  Fitness Made Simple (Fitness For Duh-mmies??)
  The Bodybuilding Business – Fitness Careers (from Muscle & Fitness)
  Myths and False Beliefs That Sabotage Fitness & Weight Loss Success (site update 8/15/2001)
  When Supportive Eating Gets Boring
  Addressing the New High Protein Diets Head On (published in various forums) (3 part article)
  The 2-Week Strength & Growth Phenomenon
The Five Obstacles That Prevent The Achievement of the New Years Fitness Resolution
Another Steroid Question Answered
The Fat Loss Trick
The Simplicity of Growth
  The Ultimate Fat Loss Strategy
The 10 Worst Abdominal Exercises
Four Hot Cardio Workouts
Ephedrine: The Other Side of “Fat Burning”
Tragedy and Love – a much acclaimed essay on the impact of Sept 11, 2001
Straight Talk About the TRANSFORM! Program
  The 8 Basic Resistance Training Movements
Why the Health Club Machines are Inefficient
Supplements: Which Complete The Puzzle (written for Personal Trainers, but valuable to everyone)
  Articles Specifically for Fitness Professionals (for additional listings see the Trainer Article Index)
The Seven Critical Success Strategies
Interview with Phil Kaplan from Personal Fitness Professional – March 2005
AED’s and Saving Lives
The Short Menu of Training Options (Consultation vs. Orientation)
On Competition
The Secret of Great Leaders
  Acheiving Professional Status and Pay (from Club Industry)
  Creative Marketing Strategies
  Turning Visions Into Reality: Your Own Personal Training Studio
  An Industry on the Brink of Change
  Human Capital (Hiring or Finding Employment in this Field)
  The Value of the Assessment
A License To Kill (discusses risks of trainers “prescribing” supplements)
Exceeding Excellence by Phil Kaplan and Juan Carlos Santana
Body, Motivation, and Influence – The Strategy Behind a Results Guarantee
Fitness Expert’s Quest for a New Standard
Article Reprint Rights / Copyrighted Material
  Dilemmas, Conditions, and Questions that Beg to Be Answered
I’ve Tried Everything and I Can’t Lose Weight
Help for the Nutritionally Confused
Are “Results” Lasting?
I’m an Advanced Exerciser, but I need help getting Lean & Ripped
  Products Featured at the Site (for a complete listing visit the online Superstore)
  The 21 Day Journey to Excellence “Remote” Program
  The Best You’ve Ever Been (Phil’s newest book)
  TRANSFORM! Program (Phil’s legendary Body Transformation Program)
  The 17-Day Answer Program
  The EAT! Metabolism Booster (Meal Replacement Formula)
BURN! (Phil’s NEW formula specially designed to aid in Fat Reduction)
RELOAD! (Phil’s post-workout recovery formula)
  GROW! (Phil’s NEW formula specially designed to aid in Strength & Growth)
  Two New Programs for 2005 – a Special Offer
A Summary of Phil’s Complete Nutrition Line – EAT, GROW, BURN, and RELOAD
  Products Specifically for Trainers and Fitness Professionals (also see the fitness pro section)
  Personal Training Profits and A Secure Fitness Future (book)
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